2022 Harley-Davidson LiveWire S2 Del Mar LE launched – limited edition of 100

The second version of the Live Motorcycle (e-bike) offer, the Liveware S2 Del Mar launch version is now on the market after Harley-Davidson (HD) discontinued Liveware as its own standalone brand, priced at around USD 15,000 (RM65, 761). Made in limited initial production of 100 units in pre-order, the bad news is that LiveWire has sold every unit of the S2 Del Mar LE.

Registration is underway for the production version of the S2 Del Mar, although there is no word from HD on when this could happen. HD has not yet released the detailed specifications of the S2 Del Mar, including the motor and battery pack capacity ratings.

What is known is that the S2 Del Mar will produce the equivalent of 80 hp or more, with approximate range of 160 km, including charging the battery us gin Level 1 and 2, although not specified at the time of charging. Weight gain of 197 kg with zero time 100 km from 3.5 seconds or more.

From the published press photos, we can see that the S2 Del Mar follows a flat tracker / scrambler design style, with an LED headlight in the same rectangular shape used in the Sportstar. The S2 Del Mar gives a purposeful silhouette, obviously targeting younger, urban visitors, avoiding the use of chrome and other unnecessary decorations.

The S2 Del Mar is located in a liveware-like vessel with the final drive by belt. The battery pack is located where the engine will be on a traditional motorcycle, finishing reminds the viewer of a large single-cylinder thumper.

Braking is done on the front and rear of the Brembo caliper, the S2 Del Mar is spinning on a lot of 17-inch wheels. Other modern clothing includes upside-down forks, a monotonous back and rather more modern (and functional) motorcycle steering geometry.

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