2022 BMW Motorrad M1000RR 50 Years M BMW Celebrates Five Decades of Motorsport

The 2022 BMW Motorrad M1000RR 50 Years M Anniversary Edition is celebrating five decades of the Munich auto manufacturer’s Fabled Motorsports division and brand. Based on the M1000RR (M RR) priced at RM249,000 in Malaysia, the M1000RR 50 Years M Sao Paulo is a yellow color work and decorated with a special 50 year old BMW M symbol.

Coming as standard equipment is the M Competitive Package for MRR, which includes the Extensive M Milled Parts Package and the Exclusive M Carbon Package. Also, the M RR 50 Years M gets a lightweight swingarm in silver anodized aluminum, unlock code for M GPS lap trigger as well as M Endurance chain, pillion package and pillion seat cover.

With an inline four-cylinder mill from the base S1000RR, the MRR claims 212 hp at 14,500 rpm and 113 Nm of torque at 11,000 rpm. The use of two-ring forged pistons from Mahle, a 13.5 compression ratio, titanium valves and lighter panel titanium connecting rods give the M RR’s engine a 15,100 rpm redline.

Suitable for an ‘M’ badged motorcycle, using a lightweight M battery, M carbon-fiber wheel and titanium exhaust, the M RR spreads lightness over 50 years, which is 3.6 kg lighter than the stock unit of the S1000RR. A compliance with current motorcycle racing design trends comes in the form of a carbon-fiber winglet next to the fairing, which provides downforce to reduce wheels and aid traction.

The BMW Motorrad M1000RR has not released any details about the price of 50 Years M or whether it will be a limited edition but it can be assumed that the production number will be less and it will run a premium on the “base model” M1000RR. The window to buy an M1000RR 50 years M between June and November 2022.

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