19 new train sets under LRT Kelana Jaya Line RM800m Mid-Life Reforms

LRT Kelana Jaya Line – an indomitable part of the Klang Valley public transport network – has been operating since 1998, and is now undergoing a ‘mid-life renewal’. Transport Minister Datuk Seri Wei Ka Seong said the RM800 million initiative involved the maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) of 28 sets of Bombardier 818 trains.

He added that the government will get 19 new train sets for the popular KJ line in the fourth quarter of 2023. Now carrying 350,000 passengers per day, the line – which passes through Petaling Jaya and Subang Jaya – is expected to be busier when the first phase of the MRT Putrajaya line begins operations on June 16.

During the rebuild period, which will be for about six months, the KJ line will operate at a frequency of four minutes instead of 2.5 minutes, so passengers must cause a slight delay. Way spoke at a news conference yesterday about the steps taken to improve Prosarna’s services.

Since May 2, 2021, there have been four incidents that have disrupted the KJ line and identified problems include emergency brakes and damage to the brake caliper.

“From the data obtained, this disruption is due to various reasons, especially the ‘tachometer’ problem which is 47% of the total cases, electronic units 32%, antennas 6% and other problems, 15%. So, the expansion is replacing 140 tachometers, costing RM5 million, “Wei reported. Has been named.

Yesterday’s press conference came a day after the KJ line was disrupted, this time due to power outages at Kelana Jaya and two traction power sub-stations at the university station. An investigation is underway and a preliminary investigation has found technical errors that require further discussions with relevant contractors.

Contrary to popular belief, train problems are not exclusive to Malaysia, and the metro systems of countries known for efficiency – such as Singapore – are also subject to breakdown. Communication is very important, because it will greatly help stuck and late passengers – the worst is not knowing what is happening.

The expansion will now improve its crisis management activities to reduce the impact on passengers during train service disruptions. Rapid train and bus operators will now deploy several buses at strategic stations like Bansar and Passar Seni, which will be activated in case of emergency or if train service is delayed by more than 15 minutes.

The expansion will increase the number of support police personnel at busy stations such as Masjid Jamek, Pasar Seni and KLCC during peak hours, as well as improve crowd control management by improving communication skills to train passengers during interruptions, the company said.

However, the Bombardier 818 trains scheduled for the MRO are of the older variety. The KJ line is also using the new Bombardier Innovia Metro 300 trains under the Kuala Lumpur Extra Vehicle 27 (KLAV27) project. The first of the new KLAV27 trains entered service in June 2021 and may be recognized from the display of their digital route map above the door.

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