113 road deaths in the first 6 days of Raya Peak season

There have been reports of 9,816 road accidents since the start of Ops Selmat 18 on 29 April to 4 May. In these six days, 113 people have died on the road. It has crossed the half mark of Ops Selamat, which will run until May 8. Mostly Going back to his hometown Tripped, and it’s now Back in town Holiday season.

Deputy IGP Datuk Rajaruddin Hossain said this Has been named That killed 24 people on the streets of Malaysia on May 4 (Wednesday), slightly less than the 28 deaths recorded on the first day of Hari Roy (May 2).

Of the 113 deaths in six days, 72 were motorcyclists and pedestrians, 30 were drivers and passengers, six were pedestrians, two were van passengers, two were 4×4 passengers and one was in a taxi.

Selangor recorded the highest number of accidents at 2,160, followed by Johor (1,372), Perak (982), Kuala Lumpur (875), Penang (803), Kedah (659), Pahang (561) and Negeri Sembilan (507). Most accidents occurred on city roads (3,876), followed by federal roads (2,148), state roads (1,937) and highways (1,043).

In the first six days of Ops Selmat 18, PDRM issued a total of 26,837 summonses for six major road offenses, Rajaruddin said. Of these, 25,562 Together Was for speed. Police are now using drones to track those who use the highway emergency lane to cross the line – see their eyes in the sky working here.

For those who took a vacation after a public holiday, this reverse journey has begun in the Klang Valley. Make sure your car is in good condition, be careful on the road and drive / drive safely. Traffic is guaranteed to be heavy, so be prepared for long journeys.

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