10 thousand rupees fine and jail for stopping VIP convoy, such severe punishment?

A driver arrested for reckless driving and obstructing a VIP convoy has been jailed for two days by two separate magistrates’ courts in a recent case involving 12 days in jail and a fine of RM10,000. His driving license was also suspended for more than five years.

Considering how people generally view VIP convoys, it was not surprising to find that public sentiment towards the verdict was negative, with many asking why the driver was given such harsh punishment. Most assumed that the driver was in front of the convoy and failed to give way and was punished for it.

However, it was reported that dashcam video footage revealed that the vehicle was speeding as it passed the convoy through the emergency lane and ignored the police outrider’s signal to exit the road.

Sometimes, context is important, and so seeing things in full light. Last Friday (May 6, 2022) Jalan Tunku posted a video of the incident on the side of Sultan Iskander Highway towards Abdul Halim’s departure posted on Twitter revealing that the driver had come to charge the rear of the convoy, turned on its headlights and drove dangerously near a vehicle in front of it.

He then briefly avoided an accident with a convoy of vehicles that had entered his car for car-checking, even though the two vehicles were chasing each other. He did not give up, even though a police outrider came to the left side of his car and instructed him to back off, but he did not back down, instead using the emergency lane to overtake the convoy inside.

One thing is to be adamant about the right to walk on the road, another thing to be stupid and another thing to be a pig’s head. In this case, it is quite clear that the driver, a 36-year-old maintenance worker, was voluntarily looking for the problem. Looking at the evidence, do you think he was punished too much? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section.

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